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Performance Body & Wellness

Achieve a lifestyle of optimum movement, alignment, energetic balance, and self-awareness.


About Performance Body & Wellness

Steven Quagliano is a Certified Soft Tissue Specialist with degrees in Health and Human Performance, Occupational Therapy, and Psychology. He is a Certified Personal Trainer, Massage Therapist, and Reiki Master as well.  Steven's  experience, expert skills, and intuitive healing practices have helped many clients over the years. Through an innovative combination of effective hands-on techniques, he is able to reestablish optimal movement patterns, create better posture, and restore  physical, biological, and emotional health. These techniques free you from pain and physical limitations while eliciting a deeply calming and grounding response throughout the body.  Steven also helps with mental clarity and focus through the use of energy balancing and deep relaxation techniques.

Performance Body & Wellness Services

All Biomechanic Treatment Sessions combine Soft Tissue Stretch Release (SRT),

Deep Muscle Release, and Reiki / Energy Balancing which focuses on relaxing muscles and relieving pain through the parasympathetic nervous system for a gentle and effective deep tissue release and muscle/body realignment. 


   60 Minutes- $100              90 Minutes- $150

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